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Romazza Semi-sweet Rose
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Variety: Semi-sweet rose wine
Romazza is a special wine, very aromatic and zesty, medium-sweet with a brilliant crystal rose color.

It comes from the co-vinification of the Merlot from the Slopes of Aigialeia with the Muscat of Rio at very low temperatures. In the final blending, we add a small percentage of Muscat de Hambourg.

A modern and attractive medium-sweet rose wine, full of intense aromas of cherry and strawberry. In the mouth, it is rich and combines its sweetness harmonically with the freshness of its acidity. An ideal company for Asian dishes and light desserts.

Enjoy it at 12ºC.

Find it at a point of sale near you!

Romazza as a base for delicious cocktails

Discover below the unique combinations for wonderful cocktails based on your favorite Romazza! Mix it and indulge in the magic of flavors and aromas.

Idyllic Spritz
40ml Romazza
40ml Aperol
Top up Tonic Water
Garnish: Cucumber
Glass: Balloon - Wine
Ice: Ice cubes

 «Based on the well-known Spritz, suitable companion to an idyllic background!»

Fill our glass with ice and stir with a bar spoon or a table spoon for a few seconds to freeze. We empty the water that may result from the melting of the ice. Add equal amounts of Romanza and Aperol Aperitivo and then top up with Tonic Water. Finally, with the peeler, we cut a cucumber pappardelle and garnish our drink.

Tip: freeze your materials beforehand to achieve a better result in the bubble integration.
40ml Romazza
15ml Masticha liquer
5ml Rose Liqueur
20ml Campari
20ml aperol

Garnish: Lemon Peel
Glass: Old Fashioned
Ice: Ice cubes
Procedure: Stir

"Inspired by Negroni, a bittersweet trend that started in Italy and has prevailed in recent years in bars around the world. Our inspiration brings to you a lighter version with Romazza and Greek liqueurs. Enjoy Eleganza! "

Place ice in a mixing glass and stir with the bar spoon for a few seconds, so that it freezes. Remove the ice cubes completely from the mixing glass. After you have added the ingredients, fill it with new ice and stir for 15-20 seconds. Serve in a glass that you have previously frozen. Finally, with the peeler, cut a lemon peel and twist it over the glass to express its lemon oils on the drink.

Tip: premix the Eleganza and have it ready in your fridge serving directly from the bottle
(for 1 liter)
320ml Romazza
120ml Mastic
40ml Rose Liqueur
160ml Campari
160ml Αperol
200ml Water
Citrus Fairytale
80ml Romazza
10ml Homemade Citrus Sherbet *
Top up Pink Grapefruit Soda

Garnish: 1 leaf of rose geranium
Glass: Highball

"Citrus sherbet, with its aroma and body, acts as a link between Romazza's red fruit and soda's pink grapefruit, creating a cool and fabulous long drink."

Fill our glass with ice and stir with a bar spoon or table spoon for a few seconds to freeze it. Remove the water that may result from the melting of the ice. Add our first two ingredients and fill with Pink Grapefruit soda. Garnish with a rose geranium leaf and enjoy!

Tip: pre-freeze your materials to achieve a better result in bubble integration

* For the Citrus Sherbet we will need:
• 2 limes
• 1 lemon
• 1 pink grapefruit
• 2 oranges
• (optional) 1 bergamot
• 400 gr Sugar

Peel all the citrus fruits with a peeler, and put them in a bowl with the sugar. Press the skins with a pestle so that their oils come out. Cover the bowl and leave it at room temperature for a few hours. Shake it occasionally.
Then, once the sugar is “scented” from the oils, squeeze the peeled citrus fruits and add their juice (strained) into the mixture with the peels and the sugar.
Leave it in the fridge for almost 1 day to set.
Finally, remove the skins, stir until the sugar melts and your Sherbet is ready!
100ml Romazza
15ml Jasmine syrup
10ml Mint leaves
Garnish: 2 raspberries, a top of spearmint
Glass: Julep
Ice: crushed
"Sherry Cobbler and Mint Julep are perhaps the first cocktails created a few centuries ago and paved the way for today. Their influence on us is obvious and the result is delicious and refreshing in its simplicity ".
Fill our glass with ice and stir with a bar spoon or table spoon for a few seconds to freeze. We empty the ice completely, add our ingredients and finally fill it with new crushed ice. Remove the ice completely, add the ingredients and finally fill with new crushed ice. Stir so that the mint goes everywhere in our glass, garnish and enjoy with a straw!

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