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Mountainous Merlot 10³
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Variety: Dry red wine P.G.I. Slopes of Aigialeia
The mountainous Merlot 10³ comes from selected mountainous vineyards from the Slopes of Aigialeia (Protected Geographical Indication), where the wine grapes are ideal for the creation of fresh red wines of Mediterranean style.

The low yield and the north-east orientation of the vineyards are important factors for the optimum concentration of the aromatic and tasty substances as well as for the creation of intense color and soft tannins. It is a fresh red wine, with an extremely fruity character and typical – without aging in oak. In the mouth, it is velvety but not heavy, with discrete acidity that gives a special freshness to its finish.

Its vinification is based on cold and short-timed extractions that give the wine complexity and aging potential with soft tannins. Finally, the 4-months-long micro-oxygenation completes its taste prolonging a tasteful relish with its opulent and seductive taste.

The mountainous Merlot 10³ is a modern and light red wine, full of aromas of small red fruits, herbs, and butter caramel. Zesty and velvety in the mouth, it is an ideal companion for roasted meat, cold cuts, medium-hard yellow cheeses and pasta with light red sauces. From the Greek cuisine, it is a perfect match for ‘ladera’, the casserole dishes that are cooked with vegetables in plenty of olive oil.

Enjoy it at 16ºC.

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