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Robert Parker – The Wine Advocate 87/100 for Notos Rosé
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Notos rosé now appears in the June 249, 2020 issue of Robert Parker's famous Wine Advocate magazine.

June 2020 and the internationally renowned wine critic Mark Squires makes his first acquaintance with two wines of our winery.

Along with our mountainous Malagouzia, he also evaluates our Notos rosé! The rosé wine that highlights the special character of the indigenous variety Mavro Kalavrytino in a blend with the internationally recognized Syrah.

And Notos rosé now appears in the June 249, 2020 issue of Robert Parker’s famous Wine Advocate magazine.
Its rating makes us proud: 87/100!

Its high value and its excellent price/quality ratio are recognized by the unerring judge Mark Squires, who states, among other things:

Friendly and full of flavor, this still projects freshness. It’s lively and it tastes great. At the price, it’s really hard to go wrong with this. It’s a fine value.

This rating underlines the consistent quality of the wine as it comes after the gold medal won by Notos rosé last year at Frankfurt’s international wine competition, Frankfurt International Trophy.

Its good quality combined with its excellent price is an indisputable fact! Enjoy its delicious company during summer and find out for yourself!

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