Mountainous Malagouzia 10³

Dry white wine P.G.I. Slopes of Aigialeia

ορεινή μαλαγουζιά οινοποιείο κανακάρης πλαγιές αιγιαλείας

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The mountainous Malagouzia 10³ comes from vineyards of the upper altitudes of the Protected Geographical Indication zone of the  Slopes of Aigialeia at 1000 meters.

It is a white wine created with a strict selection of the vineyards, the clones of Malagouzia and with no deviation from the opinion and the vision of the winemakers.

The vinification is based on skin contact at very low temperatures and with long extraction (36 hours). The aromatic potential of the fine lees is also used, giving intense aromas, complexity and long-lasting taste as well as a rich texture to the wine.

The mountainous Malagouzia 10³ is a modern white wine with rich aromas of herbs from the Greek nature, citrus fruits, and exotic fruits. Full-bodied and complex in the mouth, with refreshing acidity. It is an ideal companion of fish, white meat, pasta in white sauces and Asian cuisine.

Enjoy it at 12ºC.

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