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Meet the people behind the wines

A bottle of wine is simply the result of a continuous effort, a process that takes on for many years but starts always as a moment in a person’s mind. The starting point is always the vision of a single person – usually a winemaker.

Within a winery’s walls, there is a team of people who will take this vision, they will work on it and, through knowledge & expertise, they will enrich it with special features in order to make it come true, share it and other people can enjoy it.

Let’s have a look at the stories of the people at Kanakaris Winery..

Μιχάλης Κανακάρης οινοποιός / οινολόγος
Michalis Kanakaris

C.E.O. / Oenologist

+30 2691081255

Στάφανος Κανακάρης Ομάδα
Stefanos Kanakaris

Sales & Marketing Manager

+30 2691081255

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